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Dorkrobics - Dorky Little Secret
She-Dork is back. Protect your fragile sensibilities.

So when I work out I don't really have a plan.  Well, that's a lie.  When I first started my workout, I based it on the following steps:

1. Watch any Shakira video.  (I chose "Hips Don't Lie.")
2. Go into your designated workout area and try to move your hips like she does.

That's it.  And I guarantee, if you are not sweating in about 30 seconds, you are already in shape.

Now that I have been doing my Dorkrobics for a while, I am starting to incorporate other movements into the workout.  I am very kind to myself; I figure even if I just walk in place for 30 minutes it's better than sitting on my ass in front of American Idol all the time.  So I moved up from pelvic rotations to walking in place to marching in place.  Then I started doing high mark time (like from band--it's just lifting your leg up so that your thigh is parallel with the ground and then doing the same with the other leg).  (It sounds simple but actually hurts like hell.)  So then one day I decided to try to jog in place.  At first I thought it was a crazy idea and I would never be able to do it, but I did and I was able to keep it up for 30 seconds.  Yeah, I know, not great.  But I was really happy about it and I figured, hey, I'm making some progress here.

So all of this is just a way for me to say that tonight I was able to jog in place for 2 minutes in a row.  And I did it three different times.  So basically, I jogged for 6 minutes of a 30 minute workout and walked/hip rotated for the other 24.  I usually exercise for an hour at a time because I do such low-impact stuff.  But tonight I was happy with what I had done and cut it short.  (I also had an hour workout last night and wanted to have time to write tonight.)

I am so glad that I'm not so sick with allergies anymore and am able to work out again!  OH, and I also tried the Bisquick/soy milk biscuits and they were totally delicious.

So hooray for jogging in place and for not being sick and for soy milk biscuits!

And my work here is done.

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From: (Anonymous) Date: May 8th, 2007 05:26 pm (UTC) (Link)
High Mark Time. There is a phrase I haven't heard in 18 years. Thanks, now I hear Mr Evans saying "Lift- left" and am standing in front of my hotel room window balanced on 1 foot.

(Good for you with the exercise by the way!)

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