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Well, that's what I get for writing about how I'm exercising and… - Dorky Little Secret
She-Dork is back. Protect your fragile sensibilities.

Well, that's what I get for writing about how I'm exercising and losing weight and all that.  I have eaten much like I would expect an elephant eats this week, and not at all because I was hungry.

I'll just give you a rundown of the next seven days and let you guess why I'm never far from the fridge these days:

Monday--Go to work.  Go home & eat dinner.  Go shopping for an outfit to wear to church on Sunday.  Bonus if this outfit is also acceptable attire for a possible future job interview.

Tuesday--Go to work until lunchtime.  Go to get allergy testing done as well as a follow-up appointment about the ear infection I had for all of March.  Go home, watch American Idol.  (Sadly, this will probably be the high point of my week.)

Wednesday--Go to follow-up appointment with regular doctor about high blood pressure.  Explain to doctor that this week might be contributing if reading is higher than usual.  Finish with doctor, go to work for rest of the day.  Go home, watch American Idol.  (Bye, Blake.)

Thursday--Go to dermatology clinic to have Basal cell carcinoma removed from my scalp.  I have named it Ralph so that I can refer to the "surgery" as the Ralph Removal.  I don't know how much hair they will have to shave; they said, "not much."  Okay.  Apparently I am lucky, though, because this type of thing is just an external type of skin cancer and after it is removed it should be gone forever.  But I am going to have stitches in my head for two weeks and I keep flashing back to that early season of Melrose Place where Kimberly goes into her bathroom and pulls off her wig to reveal a shorn head and (approximately) seventeen-inch scar running across her skull.  I wonder if the doctor would know what I was talking about if I said, "Don't Kimberly me, man.  Seriously."  Do not go to work, most likely, due to possible zombie factor.

Friday--Recouperate at home or, if I feel well enough, go in to work.  I am going to try to go to work because my supervisor's last day is Friday although I keep flashing back to all the other times people I like have had last days at work and I end up crying uncontrollably because I have separation anxiety issues.  So maybe staying home would be best.  You know, because of the ailments.  (Physical and mental.)

Saturday--Actually purchase outfit to wear to church on Sunday that will be a desperation buy and will not at all be appropriate for possible future job interview.  Fear being struck by lightning upon entering the church.

Sunday--Go to church to listen to Jesse deliver sermon.  Inform anyone who asks that the lightning rod I'm holding is actually an accessory to my outfit.

Okay, so do you all understand why I'm going to go eat the house down now?  I hope so because I'm late to second supper already.  

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dorky_secret From: dorky_secret Date: May 15th, 2007 12:28 am (UTC) (Link)
That's actually coming up on Thursday. I realize now that the way I wrote this seems like it all already happened but I was eating like an elephant last week in preparation for the stress of this week.

I did find it very early on, though. I am definitely in the, "GET IT OFF ME" stage now...
manathe From: manathe Date: May 15th, 2007 08:37 pm (UTC) (Link)
Aw, lady. We'll be thinking about you.
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